MASQUÉ by Akinwumi

‘There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception’.


MASQUÉ, a first of its kind fine art photography exhibition by Akinwumi Osunkoya, is an expression of the courage to explore the in-betweens of art and commerce. It was created out of a need to fill a gap in the Nigerian fine art photography market.

Akinwumi Osunkoya is a Nigerian Visual Artist and a graduate of the New York Film Academy in New York, US. With an exceptional eye for beauty combined with a brilliant lighting style, Akinwumi prides himself with showcasing the beauty of African women to the world.

This exhibition is the beginning of a long-term goal to celebrate the beauty and versatility of the african female form.


Akinwumi describes the process for creating MASQUÉ, the french word for “cloaked”, in two ways. First, that with the cloak of anonymity, expression of one’s art takes its truest form. And in the same vein, being cloaked or concealed allows the artist to lead with the heart, rather than the head.

The project was created at a time when Akinwumi was taking stock of his work and how it fit into the world around him. As a seasoned photographer with over seven years experience in most aspects of commercial photography, Akinwumi felt that it was time to consider creating art solely for the sake of it. As he tried to delve into producing more meaningful work, he also considered the repercussions and the meaning of his art.


Akinwumi regards this exhibition as the first step in his long-term dream to express his artistic talent through photography.


Model: Khafeeon Love

Shot at Egg Studios Brooklyn, NY